Adidas, history is proof, impossible is nothing.

typeverything: - Luca Barcellona, brush lettering for a private event.


SoundCloud Player App Concept, iOS 7

When asked to do an HTML email


Here’s to the moms: Happy mother’s day from Google


2009 Vorsteiner GTS3 BMW M3


Brought out three of the girls for a weekend stroll. by bigjakebig  #vintagecars


Portrait #4 in a series of 4 portraits based off of “The Cube Game.”

Jack's: Notes on my work at Twitter


There was a great profile in the New York Times about Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, which mentioned my work at the company. It’s not a common arrangement, so I’d like to clarify a few points.

In Spring of 2011, Dick asked me to take an operational role overseeing product, design, and brand. Our…

Never use black.

When you put pure black next to a set of meticulously picked colors, the black overpowers everything else. It stands out because it’s not natural. All of the ‘black’ everyday objects around you have some amount of light bouncing off of them, which means they aren’t black,…